Team CoachingC/O Berlin

Team CoachingC/O Berlin

Thinking visually with one of Europe's leading Galleries

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With its exhibitions of such internationally renowned photographers as Annie Leibovitz, René Burri and Anton Corbijn, C/O Berlin is one of the most important institutions for photography in Germany.

C/O Berlin offers a comprehensive cultural program, including guided exhibition tours, lectures for specialist audiences, and welcoming guests. This last aspect has become increasingly important. Time and again, the C/O team finds it must introduce the manifold aspects of its activities to others.

To help them with this, I facilitated a one-day workshop in which we explored the C/O Berlin “story” and used this as the basis for training presentations given by the executive team. This workshop also acted as a starting point for subsequent individual training sessions, which addressed the particular responsibilities of each employee.

With fun and creativity, each member of the C/O team contributed towards defining the C/O story. This not only strengthened the organization’s collective identity, but also provided a good basis for the individual coaching sessions that followed.

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Project Review
The great thing about these visual thinking sessions is that everyone can see themselves in the result
After the session they framed their story for the office wall
After getting their ideas down on paper, everyone also shared their personal C/O story